When thinking of motion/movement I immediately thought of a blurred image or object. This led me to do a word map and start thinking of other possibilities to portray motion. In my word map I eventually came across planets and orbit. I started thinking about how everything around us is constantly in motion but we don’t really notice quite as much or not at first glace. This led me to the idea of shooting star trails. I wanted to portray something that’s in motion that isn’t quite noticeable until put into an image.

This photograph is actually a combination of over 40 images layered into one. I started by driving away from light pollution in the city and using a star guide app to find the north star and when the moon will be rising. I set my camera to a wide aperture and a slow 30 second shutter speed (using a tripod). For 30 minutes I took multiple 30 second exposures.

I then brought the images into Lightroom for editing and opened them up into layers in Photoshop. In Photoshop I layered them together into one, masking in and out details I did or didn’t want.
This was my first time photographing star trails, before I had I looked up some quick tips to help me out.

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