The Journey

My creative process in filming and editing this was quite a “journey” for me. I was able to film about 80% of the film but I needed some extra help pulling it together which is why I purchased some stock film for the opening shots. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to help stabilize many of the shots and to clean up the coloration of each one. I then brought everything into Apple’s iMovie using a template to create a movie-themed trailer. I feel this truly added the finishing touches to my video giving it that all around movie theater feel. I hope you catch the movie on its opening night!

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Adam Harper

Graphic Designer at BYU-Idaho Comm Department
I am a graphic designer currently enrolled at BYU - Idaho. I come from a very large family of two sisters and six brothers all together. I am number six out of eight with all of my older siblings having children of their own. I cherish the moments I spend with my family simply because they mean the world to me.
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