Lately, I have been falling in love with simple vector designs of interiors. For example, adorable vector kitchens, comfy looking vector bedrooms, and classy vector offices… pretty much any setting you would find in an everyday home – vector version! I have been inspired by the designs I have seen on Pinterest to do an interior design of my own. Here are some of the graphics I came across that spurred this passion project for me:

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Reference Image:

After being inspired by other interior graphics, I decided to use this image taken by “Style Me Pretty” as a reference in my design. I decided to replicate this adorable office in a VECTOR style. I am by no means claiming the photo or interior design ideas as my own, I have just created a vector depiction of this adorable image:



I started recreating the picture wall first. I had a lot of fun with this because I used my own images I have taken in the past to showcase within clipping masks on this cute wall! I handled this project very much like the Vector Watch project in Brother Kerr’s Vector Graphics class, but just didn’t attack as much photorealism as we did in that project. I would look at the image, try to replicate parts of it, but also add my own personal touches here and there. Most of this was created with the pen tool or with the rectangle tool. You can see that I made the chair pink instead of white, because I personally love pops of color like that. I also created my own pattern for the carpet, which is different than the pattern you see in the image. I simplified the items on the desk to give it more of a “clean” feel, and added some depth with the use of shadow in some areas. You can also see that I added a nice little homey touch on the screen of my laptop:


I hope you enjoyed my design process and the final product!

Best, Sarah


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