Mountain Series

A few weeks ago I attended a photo excursion in the Tetons and was awed by the beauty of those gorgeous mountains. So I chose to do a series of photos focusing on the clouds and the mountains that we saw that day. At first we were disappointed by the cloudy day but it ended up making for some of my favorite photos.



I took most of these photos with an 18-200mm zoom lens and the rest with a 150-600mm Tamron lens. Aperture for most was probably F5.6, ISO 100 or 200, shutter speed 1/200. Edits were done in Photoshop and include camera raw edits, sharpness increase, and clone stamping/content-aware fill for various parts. For some of the photos I extended the canvas and filled in the white background with parts of the image to add more white space.





Rachel Redford

Rachel Redford

Rachel is a Visual Communication Specialist with a love for photography and design. At any given time you will find her with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign open and a back of chocolate-covered pretzels on her desk. See her work at
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