This semester, I’m enrolled in Brother Miller’s Stock Photography class. It has been such a great learning experience and I’ve been taught so many things about selling my photos online. A couple weeks ago we set up light tents in our class and took some product photography. This is what our setup looked like:


Everyone was asked to bring in a small object to take photos of. What we weren’t planning on is for Sam to bring in a kitten as his object! It was so hard getting this cute little kitten to pose while standing still enough to capture the photo. He kept running out of the light tent and trying to escape the glamour shots. Nevertheless, I was able to capture this photo! It isn’t perfect, because of where he was standing (you can see the edge of the light tent and the white sheet is all wrinkled) but I was able to do some edits in Photoshop to make the background look seamless.

Here is the photo straight out of the camera:


This is my final photo after editing:



You can see that I fixed the issues with the background and also lightened up the shadow on the right eye of the cat. I also brought out the orange a bit more in the cat to add some more contrast. I cropped in my image a little bit as well to help the cat take up more of the frame. I love that the cat’s face is perfectly in focus, and am happy with my final photo!

I hope you enjoyed reading my process!

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