This photo embodies the “odd one out” or “third wheel” experience many people in our BYU-I community have experienced and are still experiencing, sometimes on a much broader level – as members of our classes, clubs, and social events. When we see somebody experiencing this kind of loneliness, we have a responsibility to reach out to them in kindness and invite them into the group. It is easy to neglect these opportunities or shrug off the feeling that we need to act in charity toward them, but it is an important part of maintaining the Spirit of Ricks here at BYU-Idaho. We used Photoshop to somewhat darken the girl in the striped hoodie to emphasize her separation, while keeping brightness on the faces of the other two girls, further emphasizing the feeling of her being cut away from their conversation and friendliness.

This group submission is on behalf of everyone in this photo and our photographer, Elena Makovei.

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