NATHAN ERICKSON, visual Society Member (as of about an hour ago 🙂


Video Competition

Theme: Color

So yeah, this is a little creepy, but take it for what it’s worth! I spent a long time on it, mostly for visual fx practice. It really does have a Stanely Kubrick feel to it.

The cup that is floating in it is actual footage. I used a t shirt and a bed sheet as my “green screens” if you will to hide the strings attached to the cup and replace the background as itself. All of this took well over 30 hours of work. Each of the six special effects scenes in it were keyed using “color range” in after effects, which allows you to key out different shades of the same color giving it a crisp effect.

The strings were motion tracked and then had an alpha inverted mask put over them and then parented to the motion tracking so that the strings would get covered up effectively. Any mistakes or slip ups would have to be hand animated, which I sometimes had to do.

This specific shot had to be shot in three different ways, first with the cup, second with my back to the camera, and third one shot of the original wall to be pasted behind the cup, all while making sure that the camera did not move in any way during the scene.