Art Direction, Concept Development, Stylist, Lights Setup, Model Scout, Photographer and Retoucher

Understanding light is what separates a professional photographer from a “hobby photographer”. I think there is a difference between a photographer that goes out and uses the available light from the sun with no modification and clicks the shutter from a photographer that brings an image to life by having 100% control over the light that the camera will capture.

I created this serie of fashion editorial photographs to demonstrate not just my ability to create high impact memorable images and the inclusion of a given concept -“motion”, but to also show the mastering of light. I personally think that perfect white background images are one of the hardest things to achieve in studio photography and it requires a high knowledge and understanding of light. I directed every single pose and styled all the pictures to make them look exactly how I wanted. My subject had absolutely no experience in front of a camera. The pre production and production time was approximately of 3 hours. Editing and post production work took about 2.5 hours.


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