Creating the idea:

So Time has been on my mind quite a lot lately which surely inspired this idea as well as the fact that I also had a watch assignment earlier this week for a class. I wanted to make a simplistic design involving multiple time faces. I wanted it to feel crowded because that’s how my mind is right now. It sometimes seems like certain aspects in my life are fighting to be in the spotlight where I can dedicate the most time to but no matter what I do, time doesn’t freeze. It just keeps going.

My process for making this:

Step 1:
I opened Adobe Illustrator and made the circle of the main clock and the rectangle shapes to rotate around the center of the circle.

Step 2:
I moved on to creating the hands, and the rest of the clocks.

Step 3:

I started playing around with colors and extra details.

Step 4:

I used a clipping mask to create it all in the portrait shape and exported it as a jpeg.




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