For this video, I used a light tent for consistent lighting and a tripod. I didn’t have a tethering cable so I set my shutter to have a 2-second delay so that I avoided camera movement. I prepped all the ingredients that I needed for the shoot so that when I was taking the images it would be less time overall.

I took over 250 images and I would gradually move each item it a few steps then take an image and repeat. I uploaded my images in Adobe Illustrator, edited the images to be matte and exported them. I then uploaded the images to Adobe Premiere Pro and set the images to be 7 of a sec per still to get the right flow that I wanted.

I used YouTube’s royalty free music and used “Thingamajig” as the background music in my video. I adjusted the music to flow with the movements so everything sounded cohesive.

It was pretty fun to make and I hope you enjoy!


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