Many of us may be wondering what we can define as fine art or what even qualifies. In this simple tutorial, we are displaying examples of how there are different types of fine art in the world; not just photography. Come along with us on this journey of a visual feast!

When doing fine art in photography, you want to keep in mind that it’s not just another image that you’ve taken. Instead, the photo should be creative, aesthetic, and keeps you wondering. A good fine art piece will be able to catch your eyes long enough where you will want to study the image and figure out what the meaning may be or what the purpose of the photo may be. Be creative and have fun with it!

Not many people think that Graphic Design could be considered fine art, but in all reality, it totally qualifies! Graphic design is an art and it takes skill and practice to know how to properly align elements and shapes. Your text and font choices along can greatly affect the design. When you look at a piece of graphic design whether it be a book or a poster I invite you to reverse engineer it and consider how many hours it took to set up a grid system, or perhaps the several color schemes that were sorted through to pick the perfect shades. It’s a complete process.

Make something people will want to continue to be engaged with. Think of something or a concept that will catch someones eyes. Think about color scheme, angles, and textures. Like we talked about in photography and graphic design, make sure what you create is interesting. 

Many people have asked what the difference between design and fine art and the difference is 

design = function and fine art= interpretation.”

The final aspect of fine art we wanted to cover was the fact that video has every right to be recognized for fine art. This is a wonderful example of how video can capture the colors and livelihood we see perhaps miss and don’t recognize in our everyday living. Video can produce powerful emotions when properly shot and edited.

Lastly, we wanted to share with you an inspiring photographers story. Jeremy Cowart has been one of the leading photographers within the industry. His work is considered both as fine art and has caused a social impact in our society.

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