Everyone thinks that Landscape photography is easy because you can just point and shoot. This however is not the case. You do have to take a lot of information and preparation into landscape photography. For example you have to make sure that you are up early enough in the morning to take fantastic images. You have to make sure that you can sit around long enough to get fantastic images as well. You also have to take into consideration various different types of photography “rules” for example, rule of thirds and other various rules.

You also have to make sure that you have your settings proper. You don’t want to take an image of landscapes and then get back and start editing just to find out that you had too shallow of a depth of field to have the whole image sharp. Therefore you need to know that your settings are important. For landscape you should have an aperture of between f/16 – f/22, an ISO of about 100 as long as its sunny, and your shutter speed can vary based off of what you would like to capture.

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