PROCESS:This is my very first time getting on Adobe Illustration so I knew I wanted to keep the design simple and just play around with different techniques and tools. I also knew that I wanted to do something with mountains, so I added the Tetons to the design. My favorite part of the design is the sun, I found the tool that created a swirl and then played with the different kinds of designs to fill the swirl in. I wanted to make the mountains a different color then the background but after looking at it I really liked it as the same color, with just a few extra grey and white lines to add something to the mountains. There is not a ton to the design,and it is a bit rough but for the first time using Illustrator I like it! I also have some people asking to have it put on to t-shirts so I am having a few made just to see what it looks like,so that is pretty exciting! I’m excited to keep learning more and more about visual design!




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