For this submission I wanted to share the website design that I created for my brother Jason Harper who lives with his family in New Mexico. He has been serving as a House Representative for the past few years. When I came home from serving a two year Church Service mission he had me redesign his website.

I am a template web designer, which means that I take templates and I simply use their creative interface to create something that I have envisioned. Purchasing the proper license to make these creative changes is important. I feel that templates allow you to get started with your level of creativity, but they should never be used just as the default template. Customize your template to your needs and your target audience.

I had a lot of fun with redesigning his website and I even got paid for doing it!

HarperNM.com – Best viewed on Google Chrome or Safari.


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Adam Harper

Graphic Designer at BYU-Idaho Comm Department
I am a graphic designer currently enrolled at BYU - Idaho. I come from a very large family of two sisters and six brothers all together. I am number six out of eight with all of my older siblings having children of their own. I cherish the moments I spend with my family simply because they mean the world to me.
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