For the video contest I made a stop-motion of me making gluten free chocolate chip cookies. I took almost 300 images and I brought them into Photoshop to create this video. For my set-up I had two flashes behind umbrella lights, the one on the left shot down at the table and the one on the right shot right at it from the side. I made the poor mistake of shooting all of my images in raw so I brought them all into Lightroom so that I could export them as jpeg’s. After I exported them I followed all of the instructions from a video by Dave Cross on youtube. The reason why I chose the music that I did was because I felt like it gave the video a fun feel to it and it matched the stop motion well. This was a good experience for me because the last time I made a stop-motion video was while I was in High School. I really enjoyed doing this and I hope to be able to have more opportunities to make fun videos like this.

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