My wife and I teamed up again to bring to you – INKD.

We were excited to play with water and different colors of ink (food coloring).

Before filming any footage we set up our lights, backdrop, and tank.

We used three photography umbrella lights. We put one on either side of the tank and one directly above so that there wouldn’t be too much shadow in the video.

Then we took the time to fill up 6 syringes with different colors of ink.

Our fingers were not safe during this process, and because of that we will probably have colored fingers for the next few days.

For the green and crimson color, syringes were filled with milk, unlike the others that were filled with water.


After everything was prepared we started filming using a Nikon3100. We took different shots and cuts.

Kaitlyn and I took turns injecting ink into the tank. We stopped filming moved the camera and then continued filming and injecting color.

This is the final product.

We present INKD.


Editing Process for the video.

We used iMovie to edit the video. After uploading the footage we ordered in the timeline. We then watched the footage through and split the scenes into smaller ones to have more control over specific times in the scenes.

Going through it a second time, we then sped up or slowed down some of the footage. For a section of the video, I specifically made the scene with red and blue in the middle play back then, I let it play again only in its normal way.

After the scenes were placed and split and set at their proper speeds, I then chose a song to play. We decided that a song with too many lyrics wouldn’t be best. That is the reason why we chose the song we did, that had very minimal speaking/singing in it.

The last touch was putting a title, in the beginning, using the DISCO font. We ended it by putting a “fade to black” effect in the end.



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