This all started out as a project i tried a year ago with a different twist to it:


here in THE MAN IN THE MIRROR was more of a funny idea of a trapped version of myself behind the mirror. but then i got thinking… what if i were to look into the mirror and see what makes up who i am? so that is what i did. i sketched out the new picture as well as the angles i would have to maybe be in to get the shot just right:







i took things to the bathroom and positioned my lighting just right. as seen in the video below, i used my phone and the onboard wifi on my camera to remotely capture the positions until i liked what i was seeing. after each shot, i assembled it into the main picture in photoshop, going back to change positions if it didn’t work out.

the rest was in photoshop. i layered all versions of myself with a few hanging out of the frame (as in the GoPro guy). the different parts of me that are seen include: all business, school nerd, awesome photographer, winter man, GoPro Hero, all fun and games, and hungry.

the end product is what i see in myself. what do you see when you look in the mirror?