From the time I moved to Idaho, I have wanted to go to natural hot springs. We don’t really have any in Georgia. I also didn’t want to go to one of the pool’s that were just heated by the earth. I wanted to go into hot springs that are beautiful and purely in nature. It was the only real thing on my Idaho bucket list, and since I am graduating soon, I got together a group to go.

So this past weekend, I got to go to Goldbug Hot Springs with some friends! It was a crazy fun trip and just amazingly beautiful. After much internal debate, I took my camera and I’m so glad I did.

Throughout these photos, I did very minimal editing. Many of them are straight-out-of-camera.

First off, here was the view:

I mean, it was just beautiful. There were tons of tiny waterfalls all over with steam from the hot springs. I used a quick shutter speed and very thin depth of field (large aperture, small f-number) to freeze the motion of the waterfall and get the nice bokeh for the objects closer to the camera.

It was also snowing, and the clouds moved around the mountains beautifully.

I also took some portraits of some of my friends hiking. Here’s my friend Kaleb. The soft light looked great on his face, and with the frozen waterfall in the background and the steam all around, this has to be one of my favorite photos from the trip.

Here’s another motion freeze of a waterfall on the way up. I loved freezing both the water as it was falling, as well as the foam coming from the movement of the waterfall.

Again, the snow was just beautiful and just moved so beautifully. It is my new favorite hike. It was gorgeous and exhausting and freezing, but it was amazing.

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