One of my big goals this semester is to improve my illustration skills, so I’ve been working on a series of passion projects converting drawings I did a while ago or recent ones into graphics.
This is the original drawing. I think I might have done this for Art 110, so maybe a year ago or so.

I actually tried to convert this to an illustrator file last semester, but I failed miserably, and then got too busy to fix it. I wish I still had that file so that I could see how far I improved in illustrator, but sadly I can not find it.

I decided to try again a couple weeks ago at the very beginning of this semester and wound up with this.

I cleaned it up a lot a bit, including getting rid of the spring, fixing a lot of the wonky edges, adding some more detail lines, changed colors, turned it a bit, and then I added a background.

Overall, I really like it. I want to continue to work on it further, but I am really just proud of myself for learning more of Illustrator and want to learn even more.

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