This whole project started a week ago. It took 3 friends, a trip to Los Angeles, lots of brainstorming and about 15 hours of putting it all together in Adobe Illustratior and Photoshop.

There was no algorithm following the youtube tutorial (I thought they were too long to watch). I tried to come up with textures and exposures myself.

I wanted it to be series united with the same theme “California”, because I cannot even describe how much I love it.

Here is how I did this:

  1. Took a portrait













2. Took a picture of Los Angeles from the place where the Hollywood sign is











3. Did image trace on this image











After I had these prepared, I used photoshop to create double exposure. Found my own way of doing it.

Here is the same process with other photos.



















Multiplied the amount of birds in photoshop from 3 to enormous quantity.












Here are some more. Taken at Laguna Beach on the sunset.





































I hope you enjoyed the end results 🙂

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