You have felt it at least once in your life! (Depending on where you grew up.)

A lot of people would agree on: “do not judge by appearance” statement. And I love that! But for this competition, I decided to view this statement under a different angle: “appearance may be deceiving.”

With this two pictures for Social Impact competition, I decided to choose “Filthy Language Impact” for my topic. On the first photo you see a person just sit there and you do not know her, until you start talking to her. And when she does, every other word is cussing and it is as if burning fire that kills the person’s attraction. Light is gone. Any hope for a fulfilling conversation as well.

NATURAL BEAUTY IS NOT THERE ANYMORE. for both girls and boys, it is the same.

Spent about 3 hours on developing the idea and about 7 hours taking photos of myself and editing them.

Thank You so much for viewing the post! Let us encourage clean language!


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