We have two types of contests:

Blog Contests


For paid members (only $10 for the whole semester)

Cash Contests

Three times during the semester

These contests are for everyone regardless of membership.

Please remember that all images or designs must be created this semester.
This is going to be so much fun and we hope you learn a TON!


Everyone is invited to attend all meetings and enjoy the tutorials and contests, but only paid members may submit photos to the weekly Blog Contests and vote for their favorites. (Non-members may enter the three Print Contests, explained below.)

The limit is 1 image per weekly Blog Contest, and should be uploaded to the Visual Society Website, Wednesdays by 2:00 pm.

Follow this tutorial on how you submit your photos for the Weekly Blog Contest. Awards will be given out at the end of each weekly meeting.

YOU MUST be in attendance to win a blog contest. All photos submitted to all contests must be taken during the current semester.


Anyone may enter these contests. You must be present to win. Winners are announced the week following the entry deadline.

  1. Theme: Judges will base their decisions on:  Photographic and/or design quality – Adherence to theme – Print/Presentation Quality – Overall Visual Appeal
  2. Entries: Each student may submit up to three photos per Cash Contest, and all photos/designs must be new, taken/designed during the current semester. Each entry must be submitted in print/presentation and digital format…
  3. Quality 8×10 or 8×12 Prints: All prints must be cropped to 8×10 or 8×12 inches. Photos must be printed on photographics paper. Print at at a one-hour photo printer such as Walmarts or Walgreens, or print on a color photo printer on heavy photographic paper. Please do not print on the .50 color school printers (such as the Spori color printer, etc.). You must supply your own device for video or motion projects.
  4. Print Deadline: Prints are due at 5:30 p.m. on the day of the Main Cash Contest.
  5. Digital Deadline: A jpeg for each entry must be submitted to the blog before 7:00pm on the date of the contest, or if you are not a member then email your jpeg(s) to byuivisualsociety@gmail.com. Follow these guidelines for posting photos.  Prints submitted without being posted to the website will not be eligible for the Judges Choice Awards. (See below.)
  6. Membership in the Society is strongly encouraged, but not required to submit photos in one of the three Main Cash Contests.  (However, to vote on the Society Choice Awards you do need to be a member.)

How to Enter Contests


1. Submit your jpeg image by 2pm on Wednesdays.

2. Size images so the long side is 1024 pixels.
Size all jpegs you will submit so the longest side is 1024 pixels.  In Photoshop: Go to Image > Image Size – Check Resample and change the longest side to 1024 pixels, then let the other dimension adjust automatically. Add a watermark if you would like to protect your work. Save this image as as jpeg at maximum quality. Name your jpegs with your name and a keyword, with no spaces or special characters. Example:  NicoleNugent-waterfall.jpg.  

3. Log In & Post:

  • Register here! Once you’ve registered, you will be sent an email with your login and password.
  • Log into: http://www.visualsociety.org/login/
  • In the left hand column, hover over “Posts” and click “Add New”
  • Add Post Title. Add your name! Example: Jane Doe, and the theme title
  • Insert Your photo. Click on the small camera just above the text field to upload photo(s). (looks like a camera with a music note behind it)
  • Then click “Insert Into Post”
  • Click “Submit for Review” to submit your blog post for review

You’re all done… Thanks for entering the Visual Society contests!


Semester total = over $1000!

Prize money will be deposited in the student account following the announcement of the winners, provided the student has supplied a valid student ID number.

Judges Choice Awards

First Place: $75  
Second Place: $50  
Third Place: $25  
Honorable Mentions: $15

Society Choice Awards

First Place: Various Prizes
Second Place: Various Prizes

Judges Choice Winners will be announced the week after prints are submitted. Judges will be on-campus and off-campus photographers. You need to be present to win the Judges Choice Award, although you do not to be a member to enter the contest.

When jpgs are uploaded and submitted online, officers will narrow down images to 3 finalists and paid members will immediately vote to determines the Society Choice Awards. Awards are announced at the end of the meeting. You must be present to win a Society Choice Award.