This was fun and also very difficult to do. My set up was on a very shiny table (which gave me the reflection), a grey backdrop which was later turned black in photoshop, and a speedlight. I had my camera on a tripod to keep it steady as I used a flash. Once my light was good, I took several shots of the bottle and fruit on the cup.

Once those were good I poured in the sparkling water and quickly took a shot while it was still fizzy. I later went in to photoshop and layered 3 images on top of each other and a lot of masking till I got a good base layer together. Then I changed the background and masked in two images of smoke. For shading I had one extra photo of the cup and bottle but at a darker exposure which I lightly masked in to give it some shadow. After some spot healing and all the hard editing was done, I dragged my image in to Lightroom to adjust color and sharpness and then finished.

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