Coca Cola Fine Art


First I started with an image of Coca Cola. I used the eye dropper tool to make some swatches of certain colors I wanted to use. I stuck with three main red colors and later adjusted the saturation and brightness of some of the values. With these colors I started making squares and adding shapes around randomly to make an abstract modern art piece. The cap was actually one of the hardest pieces. I couldn’t decide whether to keep the dark triangle on the outside or inside. Such a small adjustment actually made a big difference. I drug in a .png of the Coca Cola company name and placed that on top in the center label.

The caps: For the caps I just made a circle, and second circle which I cut out the center using the shape builder tool and made black in color. I placed the ring on top the red circle and added a Gaussian blur effect, lowered the opacity and clipped it to the red circle. I then took the star tool and subtracted the points to make a triangle. I made it the size I wanted and using the rotate tool made 360/23 triangle around the cap. Using the white triangle tool I selected the end anchor points and brought it in 1px to make the tips slightly rounded like a bottle cap. Lastly, the white shine was made with the pen tool adding a white stroke and using the stroke-width tool to taper off the end. Then I just randomly placed the caps around the back in different sizes.

To finish the piece I added a canvas texture effect in illustrator and laid that on top of everything to make it look like an actual printed art piece on a canvas board.

Pieces Used

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