For me,
creating a video is very out of my comfort zone. Trying to get a great composition, lighting, etc in a photograph for is challenging enough to me so creating a video is a struggle.
This is the first video I have ever filmed, edited (lightly), and exported.


Step 1: started brainstorming what I’d want to shoot and I decided a product commercial. My friend makes homemakes this soap and I thought it’d be cool to shoot something that hadn’t been done before.

Step 2: I then went to story boarding my idea and picking out the music to set the mood of the video.

Step 3:I found my models, described my vision and got to work.

Step 4: Because I have never edited video before Adobe Premiere was a little too excelled for me and I tried out Imovie instead!

For being my first video ever I feel pretty pleased with it. Thanks for watching!

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