I have been shaving with a straight razor for a few weeks now and the decision to take a photo shaving with it was easily decided upon. This just helps make a man look so epic when he shaves


I took it in the morning, around 6am so the sun was not blasting thorough the window. I only have one speed light and placed it on the book shelf beside me because I could not find the mount that I use for my continuous lighting. The focal length is 18mm and I shot it by using my other arm without any timer on it, I could have used a fob but the battery was not charged so I took the other route to get the photo.


I used Lightroom to crop the image to a move aspect ratio. I adjusted the highlights and darks and messed with the color and then underexposed the areas I wanted to be black so I did not have to worry about that later.


When I exported into Photoshop I started right away with frequency separation to remove a lot of the blemishes on my skin, then I went around removing some of the shaving cream that I did not want on my face.


I added a gradient mask to the photo, the lighter areas in orange and darker areas in black. One of the problems is some of the black background was popping up, so I went back and covered parts of the image with black under the gradient mask so it started it was the same blue color. I copy merged the layers and used the liquefy tool to smooth the edge of my face.

The way I added sharpness to my photo was copying the photo, used a high pass filter to extract the detail, then used overly to help add better detail to the photo. I think the final one is awesome, this is the first time using the gradient map and I felt it is a great way to help even the tones in the image. The final one the one on top.

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