Apple Commercial Magazine/Web Advertisement

I love the new Apple commercial’s going around the internet right now and so I decided to create an Apple Ad featuring customization.  It’s the colors that grab your attention and draw you in. I tried to keep the same theme that Apple has of simplicity in their designs.


To get this shot I did the following:

  •  A light tent
    • I set up my light tent to get the white and evenly light background. My light tent is built out of PPC pipes, a white bedsheet, a white poster board, and three daylight lights. It cost me about $35 to make.
  • Laptop key cover
    • Owned
  • A MacBookPro laptop
    • Owned
  • Chocolate
    • Everyone needs a snack here and there!
  • Access to Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop
    • For the text
  • A Tripod
    • For precision

Overall, it was a pretty simple, I set up my light tent and lights, angled my laptop, took the shot, uploaded the image to lightroom, exported it and then uploaded it to Adobe Illustrator, added the text, and changed the color of “color.”

And there you have it, an Apple Commercial Ad!




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