For this competition, I wanted to do something that was pretty simple yet conveyed the idea. I decided to create succulents because I find them interesting and unique. To avoid dealing with a complex color scheme, I decided to go with a monochromatic green.

One I was finished with the design I didn’t like the completely white background so I added a green background and used a paintbrush I had to make splotches on the corners. After that, I bumped down the opacity so it wasn’t distracting.

One thing that I learned while making these is that layers are the best. For some reason, that idea completely escaped me while making this and I struggled when I wanted to change things. Layers will save your life. Use them.


Ana Glazier

Ana Glazier

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Ana Glazier is a junior at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She's majoring in communications with a visual emphasis and a minor in photography. Born and raised in Portland, OR she loves the outdoors and the smell of fresh rain.
Ana Glazier

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