Starry Night


I went on a photo shoot two weeks ago and got this fantastic image (below). In the original image, we were actually standing on a frozen lake, it was pretty cool. I took the image and uploaded it in Adobe Photoshop after editing it in Adobe Lightroom. I duplicated the layer (command+ J) and removed her from the background, so it was just her selected using the quick selection tool (W). I then went to Filter > Camera Raw Filter > increased the contrast, and played around with some other levels. I then changed the image to black and white.  I imported the background image and created a “group” with the background image and the quick selection of the girl and placed a mask over all of it. I then added the background image below the group and locked it so that the image would show up behind the girl. I played around with the different filters and masked some of the girl out to blend in with the background. I played around with opacity until I got the desired look I was going for.

Overall, I’m pretty happy how this turned out. Hope you guys like it too!


Original Images:




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