For this tutorial, I will be going through a simple step by step presentation created to best suit the needs of the basic introduction into using Adobe Premiere and other basic editing techniques. I’ve broken this tutorial into four basic steps.




To start out I feel that this quote should define us all. We do not have to worry if what we are creating is professional. If you are here wanting to learn more you are already becoming a pro. This is the time to set aside any self-doubts or worries and focus on your content.




There is a lot of fear and apprehension that comes from starting something new and something completely out of our comfort zone. That is the one thing that we cannot have happen as we begin this tutorial. You are here now and you can do hard things in life.




The two programs I wish to discuss today are Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Clip. Premiere Clip is a free download for iOS and Android phones, but you have to have an Adobe CC subscription to use it. If you are able to use Premiere Clip it’s probably the easiest way to get started using Premiere Pro.




Next, I wanted to cover the basics of capturing video while on the go. We find ourselves out and about every day and granted we are not going to be perfect every time we shoot film. However, if we simply remember these basic principles we’ll already be racing down to the finish line.





Remember that it can get awkward when you want to get that perfect shot. Please, don’t lose your dignity while shooting. The hard fact about filming is that the best camera is the one you carry with you, but this doesn’t mean you need to be constantly carrying around your standard industry camera. Just keep in mind what you are doing throughout the day and plan accordingly. Remember the rule of thirds and lead room in composing your shots. Not everything you shoot will make it into the final cut, and remember that you should always have a message and a purpose behind your films. Lastly, adjust your settings depending on your shot. Do not trust that Auto Mode on your camera will give you the best shot. Check your Frames per Second and what resolution you are recording in.


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This clip will demonstrate how to shoot using the Premiere Clip app and making minor edits such as arranging clips, adding filters and music, and eventually exporting your film to Premiere Pro. This app is a basic tool and can help get you started, but be warned that using the app doesn’t export the film in the best of quality. For better results, shoot the film and import it directly into Premiere Pro. The following steps also help me to keep my focus while I’m on the go shooting film. Plan out where you will be throughout the day, take shots from different angles of the selected objects, keep your content linear if possible, and feel free to edit clips and remove them as you go along. Remember, not everything makes the final cut.








Click the links below to follow a link to This video will demonstrate what I shared in class and other principles of basic editing in Premiere Pro CC. These videos are tailored to the basic beginner to the most advanced of pros.

Click here to watch what I demoed in Visual Society.
Click here to watch other Premiere Pro Videos.



I will leave you with this quote by a famous filmmaker Frank Capra. Remember that film is something that tells a story, portrays a role or message, and inspires the viewers to feel or act in a certain way. Keep your film interesting and entertaining and find the passion in you films you create. You never know what change you could bring about in the world with simply Premiere Pro, a camera, and a vision for a better future.



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