Adam Harper - Watercolor

Who doesn’t love the warm colors that fall brings? I feel that my camera is always in my hand whenever I walk on campus and I see these gorgeous trees that have an array of beautiful colors.

My process in designing this Illustration is as follows. I used my iPhone 6s 12 MP camera to take this photo. Once I had taken the photo into Photoshop for minor edits I then took it into an app I have called Waterlogue. It’s an app that allows you to draw out the edges of your photo and paint in the colors as if you were creating a watercolor painting! The results are stunning!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful tribute to Fall!

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Adam Harper

Graphic Designer at BYU-Idaho Comm Department
I am a graphic designer currently enrolled at BYU - Idaho. I come from a very large family of two sisters and six brothers all together. I am number six out of eight with all of my older siblings having children of their own. I cherish the moments I spend with my family simply because they mean the world to me.
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