This photo was taken behind the Nauvoo Housing in Rexburg, Idaho. This photo for me describes perfectly the warm colors and crisp details that are found in during the season of Fall, and the rich textures found in a brick house. I took this photo using my iPhone 6s 12 MP camera and I edited it using an app called Enlight on my phone, and then later took in into Photoshop and touched it up further. I adjusted the detail and the selective color on the leaves, in particular, to bring out more of the yellow and not just the red. Overall this photo took me about a day to shoot and edit completely.

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Adam Harper

Graphic Designer at BYU-Idaho Comm Department
I am a graphic designer currently enrolled at BYU - Idaho. I come from a very large family of two sisters and six brothers all together. I am number six out of eight with all of my older siblings having children of their own. I cherish the moments I spend with my family simply because they mean the world to me.
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