Be “You” T-Shirt Product Line

I felt inspired to design simple and minimalistic T-Shirt line, but I wanted the shirts to send a personal message. There are so many people in our community that have a fluctuating self-esteem. I wanted to be a voice for others in broadcasting the fact that you can be comfortable in your own skin. I have found great happiness in accepting myself and loving who I am. That radiates off towards others and helps them realize their potential and purpose in this life.

I am excited to create more designs similar to these and sell them on my personal design website.


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Adam Harper

Graphic Designer at BYU-Idaho Comm Department
I am a graphic designer currently enrolled at BYU - Idaho. I come from a very large family of two sisters and six brothers all together. I am number six out of eight with all of my older siblings having children of their own. I cherish the moments I spend with my family simply because they mean the world to me.
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